Aug 31, 2014

Cherry Bundt Cake crowned with Honey Almonds | Bundt Cake | Fruit Cake Recipes

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I am glad to be invited at Gloria's place, thanks a lot Gloria dear for taking out your precious slot for me. I met Gloria in our bloggy world, seriously she has so many wonderful collection of recipes. I was truly amazed by her blog. Started following her, after a week or two, we started conversation on Facebook.I found her such a sweet heart, so friendly and a humble person. Very happy to have her in my friends list. Hope our friendship will get more stronger from time to time. When she asked me for a guest post, i started work on that. Later on decided, the recipe that i am going to share is "Cherry Bundt Cake crowned with Honey Almonds". This Cake will go best in parties, holidays, Christmas or in festivals. To know more about the Recipe; kindly move to Gloria's place ..

You can also check my other fruit cakes too;

I am truly grateful to her. Love Monu ~

Alu Anday | Scrambled Eggs with Spicy Potatoes | Breakfast Ideas

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Good morning everyone, hope all are doing great at their weekends. Seriously speaking trying to adjust my template from yesterday, but still unable to complete it. You can see my header, i spent half of the day doing Photoshop. A large number of designs are there available, but i always recommend to come up with my own, a bit of blending my ideas. This time, now searching for a nice drop down menu for my pages. This will give more neatness and synchronization to all recipe categories. If you know about more sites, i would be so glad if you do share to me. I am trying to publish a new and a fresh recipe. Just like my Blog looks, I keep on changing for a better look.
So Today, I am going to share Alu Anday, so called Spicy Potatoes with scrambled Eggs. Recipe is so simple, i must say you should try at once, because I have tried these with some different seasonings, that will be absolutely easily present at your Kitchen cabinet. It's a breakfast recipe, best for your family to have it with paratha or chapati. Let's move on to the Recipe with a small number of ingredients.

Aug 29, 2014

Apple Yogurt Cake : A Guest Post by Gloria Fernandes | Apple Recipe for Kids

Wow such a scrumptious cake ever, hope i could ask Gloria Fernandes for sending me some :( She is recently blogging at Pepper, Chili and Vanilla. Thanks a lot dear for taking out some time and coming to my place. She is very sweet, friendly and a wonderful girl. I met her probably a month before. It was like I know her for years and years. I was so amazed by her blog when I visited her for the first time. After that checked out her Profile on Fb, started talking to her. I wish our friendship will get more strong insha'Allah. She has a very beautiful name no doubt her blog also glows:) Do visit her place sometime, she has a vast collection of gorgeous recipes on her space. Lets see what she wants to share with us;

Aug 28, 2014

Chilli Mustard Pasta | Pasta Dishes | chicken recipes | Dinner ideas

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Good Afternoon.. I had to post this yummiest pasta dish early in the morning. But so busy in settling down my routine work. I can't put back my small Bloggy world behind ;) This is the only way to share my thoughts, kitchen innovations with a bit creativity. As time passing by, I'm working a lot on presentation and the new recipes that should explained with right tips and procedure. Although I feel its a huge vast field and a big time period is to be needed to learn everything related to Food. But so glad to be a part of. 
Pasta can be cooked in so many variations and style. Some people give it some Desi taste (with lots of spice), some make it vegetarian or some with meat. To me it has a true magnificent flavour in itself. 
Today What I am going to share with you people its , "Chilli Mustard Pasta", any pasta you can use. Some day, we'll talk about the pasta and types, will be a brief review. This recipe turned out so delicious. It was so quick and easy peasy to make. Last weekend at around 11 pm, me and my husband returned to home after a big hectic day. Tell you the truth, I wasn't in a mood to make a meal, this pasta really helped me a lot. Just took 20 to 30 minutes of mine and it was ready to eat. Yummyyyy :P 
Lets head over to the Recipe Card;

Aug 26, 2014

My 7th Guest Post, Chocolate frosted Swiss Roll with Blackberry jam | Swiss Roll Recipe | Birthday Cake Recipes

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Thanks a lot dear Haffa Bexi  from Haffa's Kitchen Adventures for giving me opportunity for a third time to come at your blog for a sweet purpose, sharing one of my recipe and that is Swiss Roll. An easiest and a simple version, best for beginners to give it a try at once. It was baked with Vanilla essence, while spreading Blackberry jam with a heavy whipped cream filled inside the roll. You can use fresh fruits too. Made a Rich Coffee Chocolate sauce that tasted heavenly. Do check out the detailed recipe at Haffa's place: 

Few of my Top Recipes using Rich Coffee Chocolate Sauce are:
May you all have a good day !! Blessings , Love ~ Monu

    Aug 25, 2014

    Yuanyang | Coffee and Tea | Tea Espresso | Afternoon tea

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    Good Morning everybody.. Hope everyone is doing great.. A different post from a daily routine, going to share you some Coffee and Tea drink. This can truly help in refreshing your mind, trust me you should give it a try sometime. I am sure you'll never be disappointed. But ask for more cup. I wasn't aware with the actual recipe title before, but i was enjoying cup for years, lol. This time when i tried for the Tea Espresso, thought to search over. Read a brief history about it, and i found it so interesting. 
    Well Yuanyang(in Chinese), also known as Kopi Cham(cham means mix) in Malaysia, also a famous beverage in Hong Kong, which is made from seven parts of Coffee and three parts of milk tea. Many disputes regarding its invention. According to some researches , i have found out the idea was suggested in 2000 on HalfBakery. Sometimes its called with multiple names like CoffTea or Tea Espresso. I am not going into a big detail. Let's rush to the recipe, all i want to say that the drink turned out so aromatic and a perfect combo.
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