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Apr 16, 2014

"Strawberry Jam Filled Muffins Recipe" : 5th Guest Post for AinyCooks


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Hope everyone is doing great; I am little busy. I am so sorry friends; i have not been to your blogs, didn't go through your recipes and commented from few days..  but i will be back to blogging soon and take a time out for your blogs too . Today, fortunately coming up with my 5th Guest Post; today its for Ainy from AinyCooks. She has a wonderful space on her blog; i am obsessed with her amazing presentation and the wonderful collection of recipes you may find on her Blog. I am glad to be a part of ainycooks at this time, very thankful to her for giving me a space on her blog. Hoping, our friendship will grow with time to time. Ainy asked me for a guest post few days back. Started thinking over it and decided why not to share some strawberry stuff with the charming lady; 

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Apr 11, 2014

Tamarind Rasam : Guest Post by Rafeeda from "The Big Sweet Tooth"


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Good Morning everybody.... Today glad to announce I have one of the greatest Guest Blogger at my place, Rafeeda AR  from "The Big Sweet Tooth". Thank you so much dear for coming to my small world of recipes :) You have really a good heart; in fact tell you guys about Rafeeda, i have found her a multi talented lady, she knows just everything.. Her cakes are just out of this world, I love her baking and Indian cooking so much. Probably everything is so loved by me, and the presentation is just mind blowing. She has a wonderful and a vast collection of recipes with so many different categories. I used to enjoy reading her posts, seriously admires the way she write, by mentioning some of religious sayings, some useful and healthy life quote. Her kids are mashAllah so lucky for having such a caring Mom. She is so soft in nature and friendly as well, when I requested her about the Guest Post, she replied me politely I will go something different for your blog. I am so fond of traditional Indian cooking, she has selected a loveliest recipe I must say.. Lets move to Rafeeda she wants to share something special to us; 

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Punjabi Dal Makhani(Butter Lentils) Recipe : Guest Post for Haffa's Kitchen Adventure


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Good Afternoon everyone ;  I have changed my blog a bit; what i believe "Everybody needs a change " lolx.. Hope everyone is happy with my new looks. So again dealing with guest Post. This time its for Haffa Bexi from Haffa's Kitchen Adventures. Few months ago I was done with Vanilla Raisins Muffin at her place. She has done Shahi Tukray and Pom Banana Smoothie at my space. I am going to share Dal Makhani at this time. A traditional Pak/Indo dish which is very delicious and rich in protein, mostly served in parties and ceremonies, basically originated from Punjab. Its so simple and easy to make, best to served with rognhi naan, taftaan or brown rice.  For a complete recipe; just rush to Haffa's place. Hope you will like the recipe: 

Waiting for your suggestions & feedback; love you all bless you... 

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Apr 4, 2014

"Pom - Banana Smoothie" : Guest Post by Haffa Bexi


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Good Morning everyone; another guest post this month. This is by Haffa Bexi from Haffa's Kitchen Adventures. Like always she has come up with the fantastic recipe. Do visit her place sometime she has a vast collection of recipes. Heading over to most loveliest lady; she wants to say something to us;

"Asalam o alikum once again, lovely readers of  Monu Teena of Recipes Passion! 
I guess I should start with a little intro about myself for the new readers of Monu Teena. I am Haffa Bexi, from Pakistan, doctor by profession, and recently blogging on Haffa's Kitchen Adventures. where I share my cooking's passion, recipes, adventures... When my sweetest ever friend asked me for a second guest post, I was just soo excited and couldn't say no!! Who can say no to such a cute lovely frenduu.. She has a beautiful blog. And she puts all of her precious efforts in her blog. Before I had given her the recipe of Shahi Tukra - Royal bread dessert! And she had shared her extremely yummaciouss Vanilla Muffins with me :) Thanks Monu for inviting me once again:)

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Apr 2, 2014

Homemade Chicken Tikka Pizza Recipe : Step by Step Pictures


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Summers are on; this deep heat is burning my skin although I am trying to beat it with cold drinks in this hot weather. This Pizza which I am going to share; I baked it probably few weeks ago. As it's already known its not only a kid friendly recipe, but admired by adults too. It do come in many varieties and trends. I love the Pizza Fajita and Tikka Pizza most. I have already done with Pizza Fajita which was a guest post for Aara's Blog already shared. You may find a full recipe of Chicken Fajita Pizza here..
Making Pizza is more than a fun for me, with a layers of chicken, veggies and shredded cheese. It's easy like piece of a cake for me, practised a lot on many Pizza recipes. If you want to make your own adequate pizza just go for a right recipe, and implement straight away into your kitchen. I am sure everyone at your home is going to like that. Trust me try this one this is one of the best recipe you should try it once especially for those who want a spicy kick to their pizzas:

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Mar 29, 2014

"The Perfect Dinner Rolls" ; Guest Post by my Loveliest friend Raaaz


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Today's Saturday; Hope everyone is doing great ; well I'm fine, exhausted as usual glad at last weekend is on. phewwww... 
Again coming up with the beautiful Guest Post by my sweetest friend Razina Javed from RaazFoodLove. We met on Blogger, this cyber friendship has bonded us together in a very respected relation. Hoping it will grow stronger n' stronger with the passage of time. I love to visit her place; check out the latest recipes she use to publish; Do visit her blog she has a wonderful collection of recipes. Hope you people liked that as i liked. Lets head over to Razina she has a beautiful recipe to share with us; 
"Hi all, I'm Razina who blogs at RaaaZzzfoodlove. Born in India (North), happily lived in U.A.E. (Middle East) and now thrown back to India (South), where still I'm in the process of settling down even after 5 years of stay here. My taste buds prefer more of the Middle East cuisine but I do not know how to churn them. After 7 years of stunts in the corporate life, I have started performing experiments in the kitchen for the past 1 year. So, I'm pretty novice in cooking and you'll find all the basic recipes plus authentic recipes from UP as well as my baking experiments on my page. RaaaZzzfoodlove was born more out of necessity to keep a record of my daily meal.

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Mar 26, 2014

"Strawberry Panna Cotta With Coffee Chocolate Sauce" : Guest Post by lovely Aara


Strawberry, strawberry recipes, chocolate strawberries, chocolate sauce, coffee. pana cotta, cream, gelatine
Its 8:28 right now; sitting in my office, was continuously working on 3D animations since morning, my husband gave me to complete them with a deadline of each project; I have been practising on 3D graphics, machine designs and industrial project modelling from many weeks. Hope this will be loved by many of our Clients. Seriously ahhhh I am so tired right now ; I need a break. Requested Aara, one of my loveliest friend ever; for a guest post; she sent me the yum and delicious recipe last week in which she has explained so well in her recipe; Lets see she wants to say something; so lets move to Aara ; 
"Hello everyone this is Aara from "Sweets and Spices". I'm Glad to be here today as guest of Monu! With Time We have become good friends and she had done some lovely guest posts at my blog too. Do visit her guest post at my space. Finally after long wait and lots of postponing here I am with my guest post for Monu.  

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