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Vanilla Raisin Muffins | Muffin Recipe

~ * Wish you a Happy New Year Guys in advance * ~ Thank you so much Haffa Bexi  from   Haffa Kitchen Adventures .  Few days back, I asked her for a guest post, she came up with Shahi tukray . It was the lovely experience in doing Guest Post for her. I recommended to go for some simplest Baking stuff that's why i chose Vanilla Raisins Muffins. 

Shahi Tukray Recipe | White Bread Pudding

Its a guest post by haffa .. she wants to say something I am going to quote her wonderful recipe with her beautiful words:- Salam & love to sweet readers of My sweet friend Monu Teena of " Recipes Passion ", I am Haffa Bexi, a food blogger from Pakistan, doctor by profession .  I love to cook different dishes of different cuisines. Blogging has become my favorite hobby since few months, and especially after meeting Monu Teena on blogger. I have no words to praise my cute little friend! She is one of my best friends & is a talented intelligent blogger. One of the God gifted girly I have got! Love u Monu! Her blog " Recipes Passion " is a wonderful blog, and she is the master in baking! I am so excited to write a guest post for my dear friend Teena. And thanx dear for inviting me to ur blog! Today I am bringing to u a different yummilacious dessert named Shahi Tukra/ Royal dessert. Shahi tukray Well, it's a rich dessert delicacy, made with d

Chicken Haleem recipe | Chicken Daleem

Well, friends I came up with my first guest post at Aara's Place Sweet & Spices  few days ago. Being a guest was like an amazing experience for me for the first time. I am very thankful to my friend Aara,giving such an honor to me, when she asked me for a guest post i started working on it. She asked me for some traditional recipe. The thing that was first flashed into my mind ; was Chicken Haleem along with some desi touch and the spices. I am very thankful to Aara, thanks for your patience and support. It was a bit difficult task for me in the beginning. But thank God, the final result turned out too good. Recipe was featured at  Sweet-n-Spices . Do check out her place for beautiful recipes..  ©  RECIPES PASSION:  All the images and content is copyright protected. No one can use it without my prior permission. If you want to republish the recipe, write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.                

Potato Chicken Cutlets Recipes | Alu Tikki

Good Evening my friends; Hope you had a great day. Well, my husband is about to come. And Today i was in a mood to have some light dinner. I am thinking to loose my weight. Plus keeping in my mind the winters season will share some soups soon. Plus in the next week so on we will talk about the diet plans, fresh fruits, juices and the best use of vegetables to loose your weight. But for now it's 'No Diet Week' for me lolx. Well today i thought to make some Potato chicken cutlets along with brown rice and yogurt raita. I made brown rice along with salt, turmeric, pepper, onion and tomatoes, was a simplest brown rice. Trust me it's an easiest snack and dinner to serve, i am sure this recipe will be loved by your family especially the kids. The kids who just dot like to eat vegetables just mash all the vegetables you have right now in stock with the Potatoes and Chicken. Fry them with flour paste and Bread Crumbs. So let's begin our process step by step with ingredi

Chicken Manchurian Gravy Recipe | Chinese foods

Seriously speaking I haven't tried Chicken Manchurian before. It's a dish loved by group of all ages,  liked from kids to adult. Again originated from China, it's a Chines cuisine. Best to serve, quite good combo with Egg fried Rice . I have shared Fried rice already hope you all gonna love it. Well it's a recipe from my sister, she s perfect in Chinese Cuisines, Pasta and Salads. I have learnt a lot from her. It was my first experience to make Manchurian. Thank God it was quite good.  We all are some how familiar with the ingredients used in the recipe, that are ketchup, capsicum, white onions and the sauces with salt and pepper.  Day before yesterday , I called my sister and asked for the Manchurian Recipe. I was writing down all the ingredients, and the recipe procedure. Well, there is a big man and the food judge in my family off course i am talking about my husband lolx..  was anxiously waiting for the Manchurian. He really loves the Chinese food, especially

Chinese Egg fried rice | Fried rice recipe for kids | Rice Dishes

Yesterday I was planning for some Chinese cuisine. Finally, just came up with an idea, that i will make Chinese Egg Fried Rice. I have tried with different recipes. But, it's slightly different. Actually frankly speaking I was watching some cooking Channel it was chef Zakir's show. He came up with the little innovation in his recipe; it was Chinese fried recipe for Kids especially. Procedure spices, sauces, were the same as we people do in our recipes but, a great thing he did, he gave a little coloring to the Eggs. Red and the green ones. Really like the idea it was really a cute one to just make it more colorful and tempting to kids. I tried in my lunch, my husband he really liked my Chinese Egg fried rice.  Basically, it's very popular recipe worldwide. It include many vegetables like carrot, capsicum, onion, cabbage. And the main ingredient is egg. Well Egg fried rice is just in complete without  Manchurian . Made the both things and was turned out very yummy &