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Cranberry mini Cheesecakes Recipe

Good Afternoon everyone; hope everyone is having fun on this weekend. Again I am posting after a week because of tight schedules I am going through. I am really thankful to my loveliest and sweet friend " Shazzy Karim " for sending me a beautiful Guest Post. She blogs at SeasonedwithShazzy . We met on Facebook almost few months back as i have already mentioned in my previous post. Found her a great lady, really love her recipes. Not only this she is mashAllah running her own bakery, expert in baking i must highlight. I am in love with her recipes collection. Last month, I did a guest post for her Coconut Cake enriched with nuts . In return today; she has sent me a super looking "Mini cranberry Cheese Cakes". Lets move on to Shazzy; she wants to say something;  "My guest post for our friend Monu, she is running amazing life! Working, study, blogging and home J well that isn't an easy tasks! But oh well she seems to get all in right trackJ. I met Monu fro

Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Yoghurt | Healthy Salad Recipes

Good Morning Everyone; Hope all my readers are doing great. Well really apologize & sorry for being so late in posting a recipe for you guys. Very busy nowadays; hard part which I am facing, I have to assist my husband in his Business,  take care of my home and get ready myself for finals. Its my second semester about to finish  in next month  insha'Allah. Its so tough routine for me at least, in fact very difficult to manage everything once you get married. Huuhhhhh :( my sleep has been switched from 8 hours to 3 - 4 hours. Hope everything is going to be settled down soon. Just waiting for Sunday; i have planned to sleep for the whole day lolx. I know this plan never gonna works :D. Plans are already in queue; I have to clean my messy home first,will do laundry, shop groceries and decide to have best meal in our weekend. 

Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe | Home made Pizza

My 4th guest post, loving to have once again with Aara :-) Thanks to her for giving me a slot on her Blog..  fortunately,  dealing with so many guest posts this time. Fajita pizza being one of my favorite pizzas; planned to make for the first time. Glad it turned out more than expected. If it need more modifications, any useful ingredient or tip I have missed in, do acknowledge me :-) I would like to Thanks my dearest sweetie Aara.. She is so Close to my heart now. When she asked for a guest post on Facebook, I tried to mail her a recipe as soon as possible without any delays. Hope you gonna like that :-) Do write to me or feel free to comment. But, for this you have to check out the recipe at Aara's space; Recipe was featured at Aara's Place  Sweet-n-Spices ©  RECIPES PASSION:  All the images and content is copyright protected. No one can use it without my prior permission. If you want to republish the recipe, write the recipe in your own words, or link

Amish White Bread | How to make simple Bread at Home

Today, I am going to share Amish white Bread Recipe. It's a perfect bread that is little sweet, perfect to have while making sandwiches. Bread with a light and soft texture, golden looks, soft from inner side with a nice outer crust. Made up of flour, egg, yeast, milk, butter and baking powder. By looking at the ingredients and the procedure you will find it very easy and a very simple bread to make at home. Best for the beginners, do not require any special tool and cooking experience. I have tried my best in giving a best elaboration of the bread making steps. Bread loved by kids as well, give them a healthy bread in the form of various sandwiches into their lunch boxes ; So let's move to the ingredients part first; HOMEMADE AMISH WHITE BREAD: You will need: *    400 grams of Bread flour/all purpose Flour *    22 grams of Instant Yeast *    1 egg for dough + 1 egg for brushing *    1 tbsp of Sugar *    1 tsp of Salt *    1/2 tsp of Baking Powder *    1/4 cup