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Perfect Dinner Rolls

Today's Saturday; Hope everyone is doing great ; well I'm fine, exhausted as usual glad at last weekend is on. phewwww...  Again coming up with the beautiful Guest Post by my sweetest friend  Razina Javed from RaazFoodLove . We met on Blogger, this cyber friendship has bonded us together in a very respected relation. Hoping it will grow stronger n' stronger with the passage of time. I love to visit her place; check out the latest recipes she use to publish; Do visit her blog she has a wonderful collection of recipes. Hope you people liked that as i liked. Lets head over to Razina she has a beautiful recipe to share with us;  "Hi all, I'm Razina who blogs at RaaaZzzfoodlove. Born in India (North), happily lived in U.A.E. (Middle East) and now thrown back to India (South), where still I'm in the process of settling down even after 5 years of stay here. My taste buds prefer more of the Middle East cuisine but I do not know how to churn them. After 7 years

Strawberry Panna Cotta With Coffee Chocolate Sauce

Its 8:28 right now; sitting in my office, was continuously working on 3D animations since morning, my husband gave me to complete them with a deadline of each project; I have been practising on 3D graphics, machine designs and industrial project modelling from many weeks. Hope this will be loved by many of our Clients. Seriously ahhhh I am so tired right now ; I need a break. Requested Aara, one of my loveliest friend ever; for a guest post; she sent me the yum and delicious recipe last week in which she has explained so well in her recipe; Lets see she wants to say something; so lets move to Aara ;  "Hello everyone this is Aara from "Sweets and Spices" . I'm Glad to be here today as guest of Monu! With Time We have become good friends and she had done some lovely guest posts at my blog too. Do visit her guest post at my space. Finally after long wait and lots of postponing here I am with my guest post for Monu.   Today I'm going to Share my first tried out

WordPress Family Award | Blogger Awards

Good afternoon Everyone ~ Thanks a lot  Beulah Arun from Full Scoops  for nominating me for this award, last month. She is such a sweetheart; I have found her a very soft, talented and a kind lady. She has really a lovely space with a vast variety of wonderful posts. And I am so glad to be one of the fortunate ones who were honoured by this valuable Award. As seen from the award title; "WordPress Family Award" . Lets talk about its brief history that we all should know, it was originally started from  Shaun Gibson  on the basis of WordPress family. Being a Google Blogger, I am absolutely unaware of the fact how the award has been passed to the our world. But it really doesn't matter to me at least , what I really care about is the Award. Its not only a big achievement for me but a complete sense of motivation and encouragement. Let's talk about the rules;

Vanilla Muffins Recipe Basic | Quick simple and Easy to make

Good Evening everyone; Hope everyone is doing great. Thank God by the grace of Allah; i am done with my papers; went well; waiting for my result. Last semester i was honored with the merit scholarship by my university but this time courses were much difficult as compared to the last ones. I am wishing to get good marks again, plz pray. No doubt, its too tough to manage my routine but still i have to complete my masters, have to cope and face the obstacles coming on my way. I had to quit blogging, although this passion is not an obstacle for me at least, but studies come first :( bitter fact we have to accept lolx..  apologies for being cut off from you guys, seriously missed you a lot. You cant imagine this time i am feeling "the sweet taste of Liberty and Freedom".. lolx  It was a small celebration with some easy peasy Vanilla Muffins. Quick and easy to make n' bake. Trust me it turned out so moist, spongy and delicious. No special ingredients used, just a quick