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Meat Lovers Month | Beginning of HM Besties Event #01

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Good morning everyone ~ Hope you all are doing great. So, glad to announce "HM Besties Event Series" by me and Haffa Bexi from Haffa's Kitchen Adventures. This is for the time we are in a series of combined event, she is such a darling friend and a talented partner too. 

As the Islamic Festival "Eid al adha" is near, and its all about meat, Beef - Mutton - Camel - Lamb !!! We have to decided to keep the theme of our event as "Meat Lovers Month". Aim of this event is to share some attractive, finger licking and healthy recipes that Moms will love to search as Eid is near. So, Lets begin.. 

This event will run from 1st October to 31st of Oct, 14..

Happy Eid from both of us to our lovely readers & followers...

Lets discuss some rules of our event;
  1. You have to link the entries related to meat only, in which the ingredient meat is used like Beef, mutton, camel, lamb. No chicken or seafood please.
  2. Usage of Logo is not mandatory but recommended.
  3. Entries shouldn't exceed ten, at least 1 new entry is much preferable.
  4. Follow my Social Pages(Facebook, TwitterP interestGoogle+) as well as Haffa's(Facebook, TwitterP interestGoogle+).
  5. No compulsion of race, culture, religion, or country is applied for the participation. Any one can participate.
  6. Don't forget to link back this Announcement page and Haffa's Event page with your post.
  7. Non-Bloggers are also encouraged to take part. All you need to do is just send me your Name, Location and Recipe Pic to my email id:
  8. 3 winners will be selected by me and Haffa. Believe us, we will judge randomly without any favouritism ;) 

©  RECIPES PASSION: All the images and content is copyright protected. No one can use it without my prior permission. If you want to republish the recipe, write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.                                   

Link in your entries here: 


  1. Oh great!! I have a meat related post coming up, will definitely link in here... :)

  2. Should I link too ;) Happy 1st combine event to us :P

  3. All the best dear...Wishing you both a successful event...have linked few entries...

  4. All the best and looking forward to the entries.

  5. All the best Monu, loved to see combine event.
    In shaa Allah I'll try to link up...

  6. Nice event.. will link my recipes soon

  7. Lovely event monu...have linked few of my entries...


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