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Beef Stew Recipe | Mutton Stew

It's truly a delicious meat stew recipe either you should make with Beef or Mutton , that really doesn't matter. Mutton can be substituted with the Lamb , it really depends upon your availability. Also knows as Kharay Masalay ka salan . The recipe and the procedure explained here step by step stays the same and very easy to make. I prepared stew directly on slow flame for few hours (2 to 3). If you have a crackpot or a slower cooker, go for that. It will take much less time in order to be rendered completely. If your meat is tough or old, it might take a longer time period than normal.  I took this beautiful recipe from some monthly good food magazine . I am really happy with the result. I found it very yummy and tasty. It was made very spicy with the use of onions, tomatoes and whole spices . Stews are mostly considered as side dish, you can serve it with boiled rice, Asian flatbread (naan) or chapati . -----------------------------------------------------

Chocolate Chip Cookies | Chewy Cookies Recipe

One of the best chocolate chip Cookies I have ever tried. In fact a long ago, i was looking for an amazing recipe. It was very crisp from outside, soft and chewy from inside . I should recommend you should try this recipe at once. This is made upon special request of Glo, Jewel and Sam.  Try this version i  am sure you will never be disappointed.  I am waiting for a feedback too from my lovely readers, do let me know how it turned out.  Interestingly, I have baked them in to two ways.   First by using lined muffin paper cups and secondly with the use of baking tray . Let me share you the results when i compare these two options. Cookies made in a muffin tray were more soft and perfectly baked with respect to its size and shape. While if you want to for flatten chocolate chip cookies, you should go for non stick baking tray.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- CHEWY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES On