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Rose Rolls | Pizza Roses - Step by Step

Are yo u looking for good , healthy and del i cious meals to cook at home? Finally it's a right place for the people who loves home cooked tasty meals but being on diet can ' t afford th is eating habit. It's a bit healthy version of my Pizza Rose Rolls , its a simpl e Rose Roll but given step by step so yo u can easily cook a t home. This will go best with soup at yo ur lunch or dinner . It's majorly baked with wheat flour which has turned these rose rolls to a good and healthy meal . Probably you have read my article on Weight Loss and Diet Tips  which was published earlier . You may include this healthy recipe in your meal, by keeping in mind there is also cheese. If you a re following some strict diet plan you may exclude it . But i included it by keeping in mind how many calories i were taking. So, please hop over to the detailed recipe of healthy Rose Rolls ;