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10 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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Whenever we talk about the Dark Chocolate, Cocao and Cocoa, so many questions always come to your mind like; Which is the Healthiest Chocolate? What is the Difference between Cocoa and Cocao? Is Cocoa and Cocoa good for you ? Which one is best for you? What is the Difference between Cocoa and Cocao? What are its health benefits?

Ok, so Cocao Beans are found inside the fruit of a tree which is the real source of both Cocao and Cocoa Powders, basically Cocao is the raw form of your Dark Chocolate. Later on, these Cocao beans are harvested, dried and processed into a form of Cocoa Powder. So which is the purest form among these? The answer is Cocao, because while processing Cocao Beans to Cocoa Powder, these beans lost so much of its nutritional benefits. Most Cocoa powders have additives like sweeteners or Cocoa Butter.

What is Dark Chocolate ? Sometimes called as "Semi-sweet" or "Bittersweet" Chocolate. It contains higher percentage (70% - 100%) of Cocoa Solids, comes in so many forms, with little or sometimes no sugar added. It contains no milk and no milk solids with a rich and intense flavor of Cocoa. There are so many brands available at market and how to differentiate between the best and the worst Dark Chocolate Brands? 
Dark Chocolate with more than 70% of Cocoa and not processed with Alkali are considered as the best Dark Chocolate. Processing with Alkali is called "Dutching". A true and genuine Dark Chocolate  Brand will never mention Sugar in the first of list of the ingredients. It shouldn't or should be below of all ingredients at the back of wrapper of Dark Chocolate Bar. If they mentioned it is 100% organic, it does not mean it is 100%. Search a good dark Chocolate bar and brand by yourself by looking at the ingredients list

Health Benefits of eating Good Dark Chocolate: 
  1. Its good for your heart as it prevents blood cells from sticking to walls of blood cells and also increases flexibility of arteries.
  2. Dark Chocolate and Diabetes: It may prevents Diabetes, because cocoa improves and maintains level of insulin in your blood. It helps your blood cells to function normally as well.
  3. According to U.S researchers, by taking one or two chunks of dark chocolate block may maintain and controls the blood pressure.
  4. Chocolate and mood : It also acts as a Mood Booster. It protects the brain from damage and has the ability to improve depression, anxiety and stress.
  5. You may stay away from Laser treatments only just by enjoying a small piece of Dark Chocolate, you may reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles and marks. 
  6. Dark Chocolate is enriched with vitamins and minerals such as Potassium, Zinc, selenium and a higher percentage of Iron too.
  7. Dark Chocolate reduces the bad level of Cholesterol (LDL) and raise good level of Cholesterol.  That means it also reduces heart diseases.
  8. Dark Chocolate contains flavonols which may protect your skin from Sun damage.
  9. It's a good source of antioxidants as it contains a rich amount of flavanols and polyphenols than fruit juice.
  10. Eating Dark Chocolate before and after meal can help you to lose weight.
Well during my Weight loss Journey, i had lots of Dark Chocolate in my cabinet and trust me it really worked. Though it was a helpful article for all my readers.
difference in cocoa and cocao | which is good chocolate | which one is best chocolate | is cocao and cocoa good for you | health benefits of cocoa | health benfits of cocao | cocoa beans
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You may try any of these Dark Chocolate recipes;

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  1. wow such an informative post..i never knew my fav dark choc had so many benefits...thanks for sharing with us ..

  2. I so agree. Thats why I have a piece from time to time though not a big fan of chocs.

  3. Good information monu. I know it is some what beneficial than regular chocolate.This article is very detailed.

  4. Dark chocolate is my absolute favourite. I knew it was good for you. Your recipe suggestions look delightful.

  5. Useful post, the recipes to cook with it looks superb..

  6. Love your info-graphic photo, informative post.

  7. I did know that dark chocolates can be healthy even.. Awesome share...

  8. useful info to read about dark chocolate.. thanks for sharing..


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