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Chicken Jalfrezi

Chicken Jalfrezi - Chicken Jalfrezi is one the easiest and simplest chicken curry to make at home. Its a delicious curry and very famous dish of Pakistan and India .  Chicken Jalfrezi is a hot and delicious curry cooked with tender flavored chicken pieces along with onion, capsicum, sauces and tomato Ketchup. I ordered through some nearby restaurant in my office for the first time and thought to try at home. It is d elightful refreshing Chicken curry which is so quick and easy to make. Chicken Jalfrezi and  Chicken Makhni  are my all time favorite Chicken Curries . Lets move to the Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe :-

Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma or Vermicelli Pudding - Sheer Khorma is a delicious, quick, traditional and easy dessert  prepared in Pakistan, India and many other countries on special occasions, festivals like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha . It consists of Milk, dry fruits and Clarified Butter . My mom always cooked Sheer Khurma after Eid Prayer and we used to wait for our dad (late) to come so we enjoy this dessert together. I didn't know its name before since i was a kid but used to call it Dudh wali Saiwaiyan . EID MUBARAK EVERYONE !!! Sheer Khurma recipe which I am going to share you at this special occasion of Eid is prepared by my Mother in Law . I just captured this tempting dessert and asked her for the recipe, which i am going to mention below;-

Chicken Kachori

Chicken Kachori - Its the crispy. quick and easy snack to make at Parties, Eid, Ramadan or Festivals. Actually I was looking for some easy and new Snacks at Aftar so thought to cook Chicken Kachoris . Surprisingly kachori turned out so delicious, beautifully done with crispy layers inside which we mostly get in those kachoris, we buy from the good Markets.  Kachori dough or Crispy Kashta Pattie is made up of all purpose flour(maida) and Clarified Butter(Desi Ghee).   Kachori is Pakistani Spicy Snack mostly filled with Lentils, Chicken or Vegetables . It's a flaky fried Puffed Pastry stuffed with cooked meat or with vegetables . 

Homemade Potato Smiley

Potato Smileys Recipe - Sometimes we call it Happy Potato faces or the Smiley Potatoes . The resultant product is somehow similar to the Mccain foods . There were smiles coming on my family faces when i was making these cute Potato Smileys . It was easy to make delicious, crispier and cheaper than regular frozen Potato smileys . It was my husband's request to make these Potato Smileys for him for aftaar in the month of Ramadan . You may bake it for making a healthier version of these happy faces by brushing it with little olive oil.  Let's rush to the complete recipe given below:-